Thursday, April 8, 2010

Two Things

Have you yet realized that everything (but only everything) boils down to one or two perspectives...?

Love or Fear.

That's it.

That's IT.

We can deny that, we can try to redefine it, we can even object ... "this isn't fear, it's prudence! wisdom!"

If it's not love, trusting love, then it's fear.

There's not a single evil on the planet that cannot be traced back to fear. No exceptions.

What about anger? Well, think of the last time you were angry ... and look deeply, what were you afraid of losing? What did you fear would be taken away from you?

Think of an angry person in your life ... someone who camps out in anger ... let yourself realize -- they're afraid. Let yourself feel the compassion ... which can help transform, if not them -- how you perceive them.

And, by seeing them differently, through these eyes of compassion, what if you could call them forth, into their own true transformation?

Would you do that for them?

Would you choose love, over fear...?

Shalom, Dena


MysticBrit said...

What a privilege, to invite someone into transformation. This is the way the world will be transformed.

cwtpmom said...

Transformation is being talked up a lot these days. I wish you could have watched GB today as he interviewed David Barton and discussed faith of our founding fathers. Ben Franklin defined American religion as:
1. There is a God
2. There is an afterlife
3. We have to answer for our sins in the afterlife
4. The best way to serve God is to serve other people
May the world reset itself as it settles on those foundational fundamentals. And then let us all transform.