Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Renaissance ...

Some thoughts on what I've been reading lately ... compiled and observed in several different reSources:

Most folks feel it ... some deny it ... some dismiss it ... many embrace it ... and no one can stop it.

What it it? A spiritual renaissance.

We who embrace it are a mixed group ... even a motley crew, LOL! We don't necessarily have credentials (though some do), and most of us don't wear the same labels ... in fact, most of us eschew the notion of labels at all. We're not known by being "against" anything ... we're open to pretty much anything, for we trust that all is good, and all is fodder for learning. We're drawn by something that's both within, and all around ... something irresistible ... something that some of us even formerly feared.

It's based on love. Not love defined by humans, not love that's limited, boundrified, confined, or shackled. But love that seeks to replace an old, repressive order. Love that breaks down barriers. Love that includes.

It's a love that leads humanity to seek it's Source. The center. For, living on the surface is just so not working anymore... at least, not for those who heed the music of the renaissance.

This love is God's love ... and as we receive it, fully, wholly, unreservedly and unconditionally, we respond to that love, and we can't help but impart it to others. And in doing so, we bring healing and repair to this world.

It allows us to look around, to take inventory, and to recognize that we have created a mess, in our collective way, and it allows us to take responsibility for this mess, by taking more seriously our individual contributions. In this way, we discover, perhaps to our shock and delight, that personal transformation can, and does, have a global impact.

It's not about looking for more ground to conquer, or more people to influence, or more doctrinal wars to win ... it's about finding a truer ground of being, within ourselves, upon which to stand. The post pivotal transformations of this time, are the internal ones. This is an inner drama, not an outer war. Even if our eyes are closed shut, and the Light isn't seen, it continues to work the magic of transformation.

People everywhere, in all walks of life, are heeding this renaissance calling ... men and women are allowing themselves to shed what doesn't fit, and to become more authentic and powerful. We are allowing for new perspectives, in a way that embraces both our human weaknesses, and our divine gifts.

We're learning to embrace that which is most truly essential: our passion, our intuition, our sacredness, our vision, our ability for true healing. We can no longer afford to let ourselves be controlled by our own thoughts, by institutions, and by all sorts of formerly-acceptable (and well-defended) illusions.

We see control for what it is, no matter how carefully crafted as "concern" or "wisdom" or "guidance." We rise up against that which tries to usurp our own innate authority, even as we resist the temptation to seize control over the soul of any other. We see how this society, this culture in which we live, is the most controlled society yet -- for we see how the soul, how autonomy, have been grossly peripheralized and marginalized ... and even demonized -- out of abject fear of who we really are.

We're waking up to realize that we're really not crazy after all ... no matter what's been previously put on us. We see that word-curses, and pronouncements, and declarations that were flung onto us, really have no power, except for the power that we allow. And we no longer allow it. We realize that all it takes to find our soul, is to begin the search ... and the finding is inevitable. And once we find it, we are Home. And no matter where we go, or what we do, in this material realm, we never leave Home.

We see that a game has been going on ... and the agenda of the game has been to keep us from searching ... to lull us into complacency ... to mesmerize us into accepting status quo. We were distracted, given insane busy-work, and it all served to invalidate our own personal radar. We learned, incrementally, to not trust ourselves. Yes, we had our birthright stolen, by those who had theirs stolen ... ad infinitim ... while thinking they were doing the best for us.

They were mistaken ... but we can wake up, and reclaim who we really are.

There's no one to blame ... but much to be responsible for.

Starting with this: HOW do I want to live the rest of my life? Who or what is stopping you? And why are you allowing that? Whose life is it, anyway..?

It's time to finally respect ourselves enough, at long last, to know that we know what we know. Down deep. Where it's Real. We can finally have the conviction that our heart, and not our mind, is the Light of the world. Have we not yet realized how the heart goes insane without the heart's guidance and foundation...? What more evidence do we need?

We are in the process of giving birth to the people we are truly created to be.

And trust me ... I know that transition sucks. I also know that it's critical. And precious.

We can declare our own emancipation proclamation, as we let go of that which is not us. We can sign our own declaration of independence from the ways of war and control. And we can discover, first-hand (oh yes you will!), just how treasonous Love is, to the way this world operates.

We always have a choice, no matter what the situation is, between love and fear. Always. All Ways.

Shalom, Dena


MysticBrit said...

Motley crew here.

Renaissance = Born Again... of Spirit and Truth.

Being born involves so much pain, and blinding light, and separation from what we formerly saw as 'life', and 'safe'.

But boy, once we start taking those first baby steps what marvels open to us, in us. What wonders to embrace, to welcome, to integrate into our sense of what is real.

And when we start to gain our spiritual balance, breathe deeply of Life, and start running and even occasionally flying... well, there's no limit, not even the sky:)


Sharon said...

Thank you for sharing. I am going to e-mail this to my hubby. It summerizes what I have been feeling, but am having a hard time communicating. May peace be yours as you suffer and are enlighthened.