Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"C'mon, Baby ~ Let's do the Shift!"

Here's the problem: we have a skewy view of God, and therefore a skewy view of ourselves, and all of creation as well.

Here's the solution: we need a correction in our view of God, which will result in a corrected view of ourselves, and all of creation as well.

Sounds simple enough, right...?

But paradigm-shifts rarely come easily, or simply ... not because the Truth is complicated, but because of how our minds cling to what we think we know -- with a life-or-death grip. Our brains want to retain status-quo, and our emotions will send out all manner of "danger! - warning!" messages, that are designed to keep us loyal to what we already believe to be truth.

It takes a great deal of courage, a huge amount of trust, and even a sense of daring recklessness to plunge off the cliff of the unknown, before we discover that God will either catch us or else teach us to fly...!

It takes an inordinate level of self-honesty, to look deeply into what we really believe (as opposed to what we think we *should* believe), about God, about ourselves, about life.

If we see God as distant, separate, out-of-reach, unless and until we manage to please Him through right beliefs and correct actions ... if we believe that we must earn His love, if we believe that sickness is inevitable, if we believe that He is angry, wrathful, exacting in His demands, and certain that He will smite us when we err, that He's disgusted and disappointed with us, because we've thwarted His perfect plan, if we believe He's out to teach us hard lessons, and even to punish us because of our choices, then THAT is the sort of God we will experience.

But ... is it true? Is that who God really is, or is that a god created in our own image, a god who looks/acts/thinks like we do, a god we've projected out of our worst fears, out of our extreme distrust, out of the traditions of man which continue to nullify the word of God...?

Could it be true that God wants us to know Him, as He is, and wants us to discover how He views us, His offspring, we who are made in His exact likeness...?

I see that God is love. Nowhere are we told that God is wrath, or God is anger, or God is punishment, or God is justice. God IS love, and all that comes out of Him is therefore a manifestation of that love (just for fun, and perhaps enlightenment, go read 1 Corinthians, verses 4-7, and replace every instance of "love" with "God" ... for this passage is describing the very nature of God ... let your perspective be challenged and changed, to align with His reality).

I see that God is Light, and in Him is no darkness at all. The darkness that we see is a projection of our own egoic/carnal thinking ... it originates in our own minds, and not in the nature of God.

God has made us in His own image and likeness ... like begets like. We are His offspring. We are His beloved children. When He looks at us, He sees Himself ... He sees the completion of Christ.

If we see ourselves as less than that, in any way, then I suggest, no, I declare, that we must have our minds renewed, so that we see as God sees, and think as God thinks. This is our inheritance.

God saw everything that He had made (everything! that includes you, and me, and everyone), and behold it was "very good." Good means (in Hebrew) "perfect, complete, undamaged, uninterrupted, incorruptible."

You and I and everyone are "perfect, complete, undamaged, uninterrupted, incorruptible."

Selah (pause and reflect on that).

THAT is our true nature. Anything else we think, anything else we believe, anything else we experience, is illegitimate, and comes out of the darkness of our own egoic thinking.

The Law of Life says that "each seed reproduces after its own kind." We are made of God-seed ... that is who we really are. And we are not to judge by appearances, but by righteous judgment (right thinking -- God's thinking). We are not to lean to our own (limited/egoic) understanding, but to acknowledge HIS ways as our own.

(this stuff was always there -- right in scripture -- but we've allowed the traditions of man, the "stories we tell ourselves", the human-taught propaganda, to nullify what we read, to nullify the word of God whispered into our very hearts!)

Enough of THAT...!

We are created by God ... we are God-stuff, we have His very Spirit, His very nature, His very life -- and we can learn to *expect* that ONLY that which flows out from God to appear and manifest in our own lives!

We learned the erroneous stuff -- we can certainly learn the Truth stuff! We can UNlearn, and RElearn ... unless, of course, you really *like* the way the old stuff is working for you ...! We do always have that choice ... and we see that the broad road that leads to destruction is the far more popular route ... while the narrow way, the road less-traveled, which leads to LIFE, is, thus far, less populated. Many are called, but few are the ones who choose it.

[Note: this has nothing to do with our "eternal destiny" after we die ... scripture isn't focused on what happens to us after we die -- that outcome is assured -- we come from God and we return to God. Scripture is concerned with how we live this here-and-now life ... this life matters. How we experience God, how we thus live, how we thus influence those around us, how we treat all of creation - matters.]

So, back to disease ... yesterday we explored how disease is illegitimate. It isn't real, except that we make it real (we are co-creators - our thoughts and beliefs have creative powers -- we need to learn this, to know this, and to use this ... otherwise, it's using us). Our collective consciousness (human thinking en-mass), is the manifestation of our hearts which believe that we are inherently unworthy ... that we have massively disappointed God ... that disease and suffering are a direct consequence (& punishment) for having failed God. We do not see ourselves in the beauty of God's creation (in fact, we're taught that all of creation is now deeply flawed and corrupt). We believe that we have, at the core, a "sin nature". This, we believe, and are taught, results in a separation from God... our Source. But sin IS the thought of wrongly believing ourselves separated from God...! Sin has always been "wrong thinking", not (as has been our hyper-focus), wrong-doing.

We have much-maligned the nature of God! Such a god as religion has created has NEVER existed! Only in our twisted egoic-minds, minds which do not know or experience God, could such a distorted image of God be created, believed, and perpetuated...!

And our thoughts of disease come out of that distorted view of God.

As the false thinking is healed, a new vision of God, a new vision of ourselves, a new vision of life itself, will emerge ... for Truth is there, obscured by our insistence in believing the lies.

More and more of us are awakening to see that we've long believed in lies... it no longer works, and we are no longer willing to believe and participate in the collective insanity that has ensued. This awakening is contagious ... for the Truth lies within each one of us, no matter how repressed, no matter how dormant, no matter how forgotten ... things we say, things we do, ways in which we live in awakened-freedom, can spark that slumbering Truth within others, and they, too, will wake up. Truth, Life, the Way, is hibernating in each human heart ... longing for the kiss of true love to arouse them from slumber. The dragon standing guard is a mere illusion ... the threats and curses are mere fluff-concepts, vapors of nothingness ... shadows that are absorbed by the Light. There is no battle, there is no war, there is no struggle ... there is only the awakening to what IS.

And when we know what IS, when we live in what IS, when the Truth of God is our own experienced and spirit-known truth, then the manifestations of God's very nature, truth, wholeness, perfection, completion, fullness, joy, love, balance, peace, goodness, kindness ... & yes, even health ... will be the inevitable and inescapable result.

We ARE made in God's exact image and likeness.

Ponder that.

Believe that.

Trust that.

Manifest that.

Shalom, Dena

P.S. I just put together the slides and commentary from the Presence Zone meeting -- an expose of transformation, in pictures ... if you've already emailed me, saying you'd like a copy, you'll get it -- if you would like to receive it, feel free to let me know, via email: brehmites @ aol . com (remove spaces first). It's pretty cool, if I do say so myself, and I do! ;)


MysticBrit said...

Verily, thou'rt a prophet, Dena:)

Behold, I declare to you a new thing - see, it rises up even now...

I rejoice over you with singing!

I am not far away, but close at hand...

I have called you by name. You are mine.

Do not be afraid.

You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you Free.

Like a weaned child, so is my soul within me.

It is complete!

Surrender to the unforced rhythms of grace...

Time for the ol' Perichoresis Tango! Take your partners!:D

Rock on!



Dena said...
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MysticBrit said...

Everything you write makes my soul dance, Dena. Honest.
Perichoresis sure ain't no Square Dance. Yi Ha!:)
I'd be telling myself off all the time if dancing round the room was 'wrong';)
(Have you read all that page you linked to? Verily, my mind boggleth at some of the weirdness!)

Dena said...

I just skimmed the beginning of it, Harry, rather liking their definition. Did it go all woo-woo and hokey...?!? So sorry!

Bless 'em! WE can all only walk in the Light we've been given...!

Shalom, Dena

Dena said...

I just read it -- oh sheesh!

That's WAY out there ..! Not at all what I'd wanted to have shared! Egads, that guy either needs more sleep, or fewer mind-altering meds. Or both.

Methinks I'll remove that link!

Dena said...

You incite me to laugh with joy, Harry...!

There are some varied views of Perichoresis (litearlly, "around-dance"). Which makes me wonder why we're often chastized about "dancing around" a thing, or around the room...!

MysticBrit said...

That's ok, Dena:)
Woo woo and hokey about sums it up, yes... Let's just say, I'd like some of what they've been smoking;)
I like their initial definition too, though, and I'll let it sit in my soul awhile...


MysticBrit said...

Sho' thang, Sister;) Like heavy, man...!