Friday, September 25, 2009

Just Musing on What's Goin' On ...

I was listening to national public radio this morning ... Oregon (where I live) is now the #1 state in the US, in terms of homelessness -- scores of homeless families are out on the streets, and in shelters, here & now (mostly due to our quite-high unemployment). And, because medical insurance is tied to the job, scores more without coverage. So, people lose homes in trying to pay for medical expenses. Meanwhile, big business is raking in the money, and paying 15% or less in taxes ... and hiding in foreign banks, which lack transparency. Banks have been given bail-outs, and are now refusing to loan, and giving top execs big bonuses.

The haves live it up on the backs of the have-nots ... this is the glory of capitalism - a human system based on greed -- as corrupt as all the rest, including "socialism".

Never mind that there IS no lack, there's enough of everything (for God is our Provision), that any system based on the necessity of debt is enslavement, that the illusion of human separation and division ("us vs. them") are the crux of the problem...!

I see the whole house of cards come tumbling down, as the foundations are being shaken ... I think God is up to something ... perhaps the threat of collapse, and global weather threats, are getting our attention (and so fear gets our attention, but Love is the solution) ... perhaps the emperor will soon be recognized as buck-naked. Perhaps we will collectively come to our senses, awaken as did the prodigal in his pig-sty, and then return HOME.

I sense something coming to a head, to a tipping point ... for good, for awareness, for enlightenment ... so let your Light shine before men ...!

Shalom, Dena

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MysticBrit said...

You've stolen my lines again, Dena.:)

There is a collective insanity in Humanity, a tendency to sleepwalk to the edge of the abyss before suddenly waking up and scrambling back to safer ground... and then promptly nodding off again! What would help is if folks were awake all the time and could see the abyss from a long way off, and say hey, that looks like it probably doesn't work too well. If we keep shining the Light more people will indeed wake up, blinking. I like the scene in The Matrix where Neo goes through the 'rebirth' process and complains that his eyes hurt... and is told that's because you've never actually used them till now. Mine are getting used to the light, I believe, and are learning to appreciate the view.

I could go on at some length about this, and bore a small crowd;)

All you say is True. My pet hate at the moment is that hideous creature, Fractional Reserve Banking, on which almost the entire economy of this planet is based. It's a fancy name for Creating Money Out Of Thin Air And Charging Interest On Said Air. And then charging your 'customers' (slaves) huge penalties for a few dollars overdrawn or a few minutes late payment... We need to find a Better Way, and that way is through seeing that there is, and allways has been, Enough.


And then there's 9/11... oh boy, the present mayhem's nothing compared to what will come down the line when that cancerous darkness - which is indicative of the underlying sickness - is exposed to the blazing, purging light of day. And it might not be too long coming, as millions have already opened their eyes. There could well be one of your 'tipping points' on its way.

The Light is indeed dawning, and fear will be swallowed up in Love, being exposed for the No-Thing that it is.

Namaste, my friend,