Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To See or Not to See ~ That is the Question...!

What if ... what if we are experiencing life (either as positive or negative) in accordance with our own understanding of God ...? This, I believe, is our foundational premise ... as we see God, so do we see ourselves, and so do we relate to God, and to the rest of the world.

What if we were intended to live free of disease ... and even free of the FEAR of disease...? What if it's possible, right here and now?

What if the fear of disease is what's keeping the manifestation of disease in our lives...?

What if doing certain things, or taking certain things, in order to avoid disease, is actually keeping disease as a reality in our lives?

What if we could come to a place in which we could see ourselves as being beyond the grasp of disease?

What would it take to get there?

It won't happen by anything we do ... it will happen only by what we know ... and knowing differently depends on seeing differently.

We have to start by being open to the possibility that what we currently believe (about God, about ourselves, about disease/health) may not be the truth ... if we insist that what we currently know/believe IS the truth, then that's where we'll stay -- until we change our minds.

Those who know they are blind shall see, but those who profess to see, shall remain blind.

It doesn't work to think a thought that we *want* to believe, trying to force it to move from "the head to the heart" (utterly exhausting -- and totally ineffective). We need an entirely new understanding -- a way of seeing -- that becomes more real to us than what we currently believe.

As I see it, we've made a choice, individually and collectively, to believe in a God who is distant, arbitrary, withholding, capricious, judgmental, angry, wrathful, punishing, and separate. Does it not stand to reason that we could challenge this view, question it, dig into it to see whether it's indeed true ...? And, could we not choose *again*...?

It all starts there ... and once we see God as He is (as He reveals Himself to each of us, as only the Spirit can), would it not follow that our view of ourself would also change, to align with His view? And if we come to the place where we know that we're not separate from God, but are manifestations of the very life of God (for there is no other Source of Life), wouldn't it dawn on us that however God's Life is defined, so too would our own life be defined?

Is God sick, diseased, vulnerable to attack? Or is God whole, healthy, complete?

How then should we, made in His exact image and likeness, BE...?

Let's look at the occasion wherein Jesus washed the feet of His disciples ... when He got to Peter, Peter balked, but Jesus said, "If I do not do this, then you will have no part with me." Peter then wants ALL of him washed (I can so relate with impulsive and passionate Peter!). But don't miss what Jesus says next: "He who has bathed needs only to wash his feet, but is completely clean."

So why the feet? Literally speaking, and particularly in that day and age, the feet collected much dirt and grime (and assorted unmentionable contaminants!) from walking through daily life ... metaphorically/spiritually speaking, we pick up on the collective "dirt" and contamination that comes from aberrant theology, psychology, and experiences in daily life ... all of this must be washed away, in order for our inherent cleanness/wholeness to come through...!

It's not that the cleansing changes us -- it's that we're then able to see what's always been. Once we are aware of who and why we're here ... there is no disease, no fear of disease that can ever find a place to attach to us again. We will know that NO human effort is needed to fix something "broken" because we have always been "completely whole"!

We are not what we have always believed about ourselves ... what we've been told all our lives. We are not victims, and we do not need to live from the false perceptions of lack, loss, and fear...!

When this occurs, when we make this perception-shift - when we can SEE (& are no longer blinded by the lies of this world), then we will have risen to the level of awareness that transcends all man-made laws and rules and doctrines and pronouncements. For we will then live by the higher law of perpetual life (where disease cannot exist ... wherein disease is illegitimate)...!

Shalom, Dena

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