Saturday, September 5, 2009


So what is health?

Is it the absence of disease...?

Or is it what we realize and experience when the Spirit of Life is flowing through our minds, our beliefs, our thoughts, our emotions, and our bodies...?

What would that sort of health look like?

If the Spirit of Life were flowing through us, unheeded, we would demonstrate the nature of love - our thoughts would be clear and pure.

Our desires and motivations would demonstrate gentleness and goodness.

Our bodies would demonstrate strength, energy, vitality.

Every cell in our bodies would cooperate with Divine wisdom and purpose.

We would demonstrate order, balance, harmony, in all our ways.

As I see it, disease, or dis-ease, is present whenever the flow of the Spirit of Life is blocked, jammed, or not realized ...

Given this perspective, which is slowly dawning on me (shift takes time!), the notion of taking pills to deal with symptoms looks like pure insanity to me ...! It looks like, "keep taking these pills to deal with surface symptoms, so that you feel better, so that you forget about the root of the problem, so that the problem continues, so that you have to keep taking the pills...!"

So who's THAT working for...?

It seems to me, the more attention I give to disease (labeling it, obsessing over it, treating it), the more POWER I give it ... making a no-thing a some-thing.

Maybe it's time for me to stop defining life, and making allowances for disease, and instead allow Life to define itself to me!

So, disease is an interruption in the normal function of Life. I figure, if my life is not demonstrating abundance, then to that degree, and in that area, I am not seeing the truth about life.

So, disease is not a power in and of itself ... but disease is an absence of the flow of the Life of God.

So if God IS, and if I am made in the image and likeness of God, then the Life of God (the only Life there IS) should be flowing through me. And if it's not, then what's stopping it...?

My awareness...! As a man thinks in his own heart, so is he. As a woman believes within her, so is her experience.

Disease is a nothing, a vacuum ... a gap that forms when the Presence of God/Life is not realized, not "aware-ized".

So what have I been doing, in believing that disease is legitimate...? When I name it, and categorize it, and identifying how it's manifesting, and talking about it, and complaining about it, I'm actually exalting it, honoring it, and even letting my body become a temple to it...!

This is idolatry -- this temple (my body) belongs to God! NOTHING else but God has a right to claim it!

I see God as completely Omnipresent -- He is in, through, and filling all things ... all things are made by Him, sustained by Him - His! He's everywhere, as air is (and pneumo is the same word for breath, spirit and air).

His very nature is intelligence, wisdom, order, harmony, beauty, perfection, balance, and radiant health - wholeness!

So wherever disease is presenting, THAT is where my errant belief, my erroneous thought, my acceptance of a lie, my lack of awareness of His Omnipresence, is manifesting. The disease is a tool -- showing me where I believe wrongly ... showing me where I'm not allowing the Presence and fullness of God to be. Showing me where a "congestion" is preventing the free-flowing Presence of God in and through me.

In the book of Ezekiel, we read of the river of life ... it proceeds out of God, and it heals whatever it touches. There is a warning of swamps, where the river is not flowing, where the water is stagnant. Decay is rampant there. Disease breeds there.

We're told that in order to enter this river of life, we can't just go up to our ankles, nor to the knees, nor to the hips, but to go so deeply that it overtakes us, and we're caught up into the flow of the current -- this is a picture of complete submergence, utter surrender to the Mind of God -- where we die to our own thoughts (including our thoughts about God, about ourselves, about life, about disease)... where we stop trying to scheme and worry and find our solutions. This is where, and how, "all things become new."

The blockages that create the disease-infested swamps are our thoughts, our beliefs -- including our thoughts and beliefs about God, and about disease.

Let's look at our collective thoughts/beliefs about God vs. disease.

We're consumed by our thoughts about disease ... we see it as all-pervasive, and we do all we can to avoid it (which declares that we see it as all-powerful). We fear it, we do what it takes to prevent it ... we talk about it continuously. We give it incredibly awe-inspiring (& impossible to pronounce) names. We study it, dedicate shows to it, and fill ourselves with knowledge about it. We pay doctors huge sums to check us over, to see if it got us yet. It rules us ... it has become like a god to us, and our entire medical system has built an institution, a religion, to serve it.

We hate it, but we serve it.

And then, when we get it (no surprise there -- as a man thinks in his heart, so is he -- what we see is what we get), we turn to God in despair, wondering how He would let us get it, begging Him to take it away, and then blaming Him when He doesn't ...

When will we "get it" that we've created this problem ... we've created the notion of disease, and we perpetuate the appearance of disease? When will we get it that it's illegitimate, with no power except that which we give it? When will we get it that it's not a thing, but the absence of something (Life)?

When will we realize that we, ourselves, have given it reality through our fear, ignorance and idolatry?

When will we see the connection between the god that we've created, and the disease that we've created...?

I have set before you life [truth] and death [lies], the blessing [abundant life and wholeness] and the curse [disease]. So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants, by loving the LORD your God, by obeying His voice [which speaks truth within us], and by holding fast to Him [relying on HIS perspective, not our own]; for this is your life and the length of your days [this will affect the experience of our life, including our divine health]...

Shalom, Dena


MysticBrit said...

I agree with every word, Dena, including 'and', 'the' and 'but', in the depths of my soul. I even like the look of all those fine semi-colons.
But then you knew that:)
This is Life. Let's all take hold of it, run with it, fly with it, Be It.
Tell it forth, mighty prophet!:D
Joy unspeakable and full of glory...
Great is the Truth, and shall prevail...

cwtpmom said...

One time when I was really sick, in the hospital, just about dead.....I decided to imagine my suffering as Christ's. When I think back on the experience I remember it with joy, not that I became any less ill, but because I was so full of hope. I came to a real understanding of how He may have felt when He was in the depths. When he was in the depths of His suffering he was thinking about me. That's how he was able to endure. So, when I was in my depths I was thinking about Him. Somehow it transformed the pain I was going through to purpose. I used it to learn something, and made it worthwhile.

I was still sick. I still had pain. But looking back on it now, the first thing that comes to memory is Christ.

Christ offers everyone this same peace amid the storm. We still have storm to go through, but can also have peace amid it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dena,

Nancy from Corpus Christi here. Seems our spiritual journey stories are moving in the same direction—again.

I recently became fascinated by this topic. I've been reading a lot but one book, The Biology of Belief, really seems to have the science to back up "how" I'm beginning to think about disease. It's by Bruce H. Lipton and details his journey story as a scientist and a human who studies cell biology.

Anyway, I'm not recommending it because it's not for everyone. Some folks don't care about the science. Me, neither, except when it validates what Father is making real to me, and then that's fascinating.

I have what I refer to as a Spirit/spirit DNA theory frame of reference. And since I don't care about medical doctrine, Christian religious doctrine or so-called scientific doctrine…I'm totally fascinated with the "heart/brain/mind" connections Father is making in my "how to" thinking.

In my opinion, science is simply catching up with Father/Scripture. And guess who isn't going to repent? [change His mind] If we spirit beings want to be a part of the true knowledge of God filling the whole earth—we must be willing to look at "how" we think about God. Not so much "what" we think, but "how" we think, believe, know, comprehend, and perceive God in our heart/spirit.

Trust me, I gave birth to a doctor [bless his darling little heart/spirit.] We kindly disagree about most medical stuff but one thing he says is true. Try to get the tone here…ok, mother, what ever you choose to believe…

gotta love it—it's true. Somehow in the very fabric of our spirit, soul and body DNA there is embedded a place or role for belief. I'm for exploring with Father just "how" I'm to think about it.

Love your journey Dena and thanks for sharing it with me. I'm celebrating His Life in you and with all of you Today!

Dena said...


I'm overjoyed to find you here!

I love how our journeys keep intersecting (or paralleling) ... you've been such a reSource of encouragement, confirmation, affirmation over the years!

I'm way-past being surprised to hear that you're in a similar "place"...! Just delighted. Just smiling. Thank You, God...!

I'd love to hear what you're learning ... share when you're ready, and have the time.

Shalom, Dena

Dena said...

Cwtpmom -

I like how you were able to transcend the suffering, when you had a new perspective ... it seems to me that it's not what happens to us that causes us to suffer, so much as what we THINK about what happens to us that causes us to suffer...!

We have many more choices than we think we do!

Dena said...

And, Harry ... what can I say -- how did I manage before your regular doses of delight and encouragement?!?

I just sat there in the dark... not knowing what I was missing.

Thanks for being who you ARE, and for sharing who you are with me...!

(& how could you *not* -- still, thanks)

Shalom, Dena