Friday, October 16, 2009

God Always IS

Part of my daily routine (except on Sundays, when I indulge in sleeping in, now that I'm a non-church-going heathen) is to go out for a race-walk ... sun, rain, snow, sleet ... unless the sidewalks are so slick that I cannot get up my speed, in which case I resort to the mind-numbing stationery bicycle (a truly evil implement of tortue if ever there was one!).

I usually bring my radio, and listen to National Public Radio as I walk (since I don't do TV, I like to keep informed) ... but this morning, I sensed God inviting me (yes, I sensed the word "invite") to walk with Him, and hear His thoughts.

How could I turn God down, and choose NPR instead (and anyway, they're in the middle of their Fall fund-drive, and that annoys the snot out of me)...?

Most of the walk was uneventful ... no revelations at all. Just me walking in the light rain. I even complained to God that it was rather boring.

Then, on the home stretch, the sun suddenly broke through the clouds ... I mean, gloriously, complete with those massive sun-rays that speak of majesty ... as if they were lighting the orangey-gold leaves of the poplar trees with pure fire.

I gasped ... even though no one else seemed to notice (this is also the Land of the Great Rainbows ... I nearly go off the road gawking and pointing at the massive, bright, bold, and often double-rainbows, as the other folks think of them as commonplace, and ignore the display of beauty - silly Oregonians!).

I suddenly had the clear and distinct thought that the sun is always shining, always there, without fail ... like the very Life of God always flowing. The clouds only appear to stop the sun ... but judge not by appearances, and rise above the cloudy thoughts ... to the pure sunlight. And God's mercy is such that even when all I can see is clouds, and I even declare it to be so in my experience, God breaks through, to show me the Truth, reminding me of what IS, from that higher, *more* real perspective.

I see that I have the choice as to what I see as more real ... the ephemeral, vaporous clouds ... or the steadily shining sun.

Break through, O God...!

Shalom, Dena


MysticBrit said...

Dena - I walk everywhere in town, never having learned to drive (I carry my groceries on my back, and power-walk a mile uphill!:)), and life moves more slowly for me. I often stand and stare at things, 'everyday' things, and just feel the sun, wind, rain, snow. It's a most sensual, 'simply connecting' experience, through which God tenderly breaks through, and I know I've never been, nor ever can be separate from the Gently Awesome I AM.

Flaming Poplars... sounds like more Gerard Manley Hopkins:)


marianne said...

Interesting how we listen for "words" when we expect to hear from God and he uses experience and revelation....words are so, so, human ;-) Sounds like a beautiful experience.