Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oh Death ~ Where is Your Sting ~ Part II

Sitting there in the bathroom (upon the humble seat of wisdom, LOL!), thoughts began to come to me ... not my own thoughts, for they ran contrary to that which I thought I believed. I started writing them down, as they seemed note-worthy ... here's what I got:

I do not have an ego. It's not part of me. That would only be more duality-thinking ... as if there is a battle going on between two natures. I don't have two natures, but One. I have the Mind of Christ ... and THAT is my identity.

So, I don't have an ego - it's only my (or anyone's) confusion ... the not-knowing and not-living this Mind, that blinds me from Truth. The ego is from withOUT me ... it's the veil of world-think, coming to me as a suggestion (temptation), and entering me only when I entertain, and then accept, it -- thus embracing and empowering it. Only then can it affect me. I give it power in my own confusion and acceptance of it.

It comes to me from the confusion of the world ... the collective consciousness that makes up "this world" ... but I notice that I am NOT of this world, even as I am in it. I see that the whole point of this life is to come to know who I am ... to catch a glimpse of reality above that "dotted line" spoken of yesterday ... wherein is ULTIMATE reality (that which is unseen is more real than that which is seen) ... I am to *choose* which realm I declare as ultimate truth for me (which pill will I take, the red one, or the blue one? Will I live in truth, or continue to let myself be lulled by the illusions below the dotted line?). Once I see, I *know* -- even as I may need to remind myself, or be reminded by others, what the ultimate reality is (for the power of collective consciousness, or world-think can be formidable). I see that I am to participate in bringing heaven to earth ... to bring light to darkness, to bring truth to replace lies ... I see that as the work I've been given to do (and not just me -- anyone who sees!).

So, when I realize that I've been sucked back into the darkness, I can confess it (admit that I have allowed the dark and contrary thought place in me -- not with the guilt of having "been caught", but with the excitement of seeing an opportunity for transformation and freedom!), and repent (change my mind), and let my mind be renewed by forgiveness (the sending away of the thought), so that the Mind of Christ emerges. For the dark/contrary world-thought is illegitimate -- it is a no-thing -- a mere shadow.

If I *believe* the shadow is real (if I see the "monster in the closet" as a real threat), then it FEELS real to me ... my fear then empowers the thought into manifestation. But if I see it for what it is (a mere shadow, a dust-bunny), the confusion lifts ("ahh, you are nothing but an illusion, a trick played on my mind") ... and the fear gives way to relief (& perhaps even laughter!).

I can face those presenting fears head-on, and call their bluff - "give me all you've got!" If I know who I am, they cannot touch me ... only if I have an errant thought about myself, about God, do I allow no-things to be things, and give them permission to wreck havoc.

Dark shadows in closets don't need warfare, a battle with weapons, chants, rituals, or demonstrations of fear-based blusterings (which only serve to give it more "power"). Dark shadows only need LIGHT. Shadows, darkness of any kind, is absorbed by the Light.

No battle, no resistance is required (for what I resist, persists).

I'm told that I'm the Light of the world. I am here to expose darkness as a no-thing, a mere shadow.

God is GOOD. God is ALL.

Next, I'll share the thoughts that came to me, as I was walking ...

Shalom, Dena

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MysticBrit said...

Ah... The Oracle Speaks;)...

Maybe the ego is just a name for humanity's inability to wake up, open its collective eyes and smell the coffee!

And those of us who have woken up get to brew the coffee for those still snorin' away, and let the aroma waft up their noses.

Yup, there's no cosmic battle going on in me - how can there be any real conflict in a Unique Expression of God, Who is Love? And yet we have to experience that which we are not in order to know Who We Are...

Boy, isn't Metaphysics fun!:D

Descartes Rocks!