Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me...!

Today is my birthday ... I am celebrating 48 years on this planet...! (and I've earned every laugh line, every grey hair, and every single blessed stretch mark, too!)

I'm taking the day "off" from blogging, but wanted to share one of the most amazing emails that I received this morning (along with a couple hundred Facebook "Happy Birthday" messages):

Happy Birrrrthday to Youuuu,
Happy Birrrrthday to Youuuu,
Happy Birrrrthday Dear Dena,
Happy Birrrrthday to Youuuu!

A few years back, not so long ago, heaven and earth erupted into a major celebration with the news of your impending adventure into this very time and space. You see, someone like Dena Brehm doesn't come along all that often. In fact, there's never been a single one like you, nor is there ever ANY possibility that another will come again. You're an Angel among us. Someone, whose eyes see what no others will EVER see, whose ears hear what no others will EVER hear, and whose perspective and feelings will NEVER, ever be duplicated. Without YOU, the Universe, and ALL THAT IS, would be sadly less than it is.

Quite simply:

You're the kind of person, Dena,
Who's hard to forget,
A one-in-a-million
To the people you've met.
Your friends are as varied
As the places you go,
And they all want to tell you
In case you don't know:
That you make a big difference
In the lives that you touch,
By taking so little
And giving so much!

Dena, you are so AWESOME! For your birthday, friends and angels from every corner of the Universe, including buddies you didn't know you had, will be with you to wish you the HAPPIEST of days and an exciting new year in time and space. You won't be alone!


PS - Dena, this is going to be YOUR year!!

It made me laugh, made me smile, and made me feel a little bit glowy.

Yeah, of course, my ego got in on it too ... that's just where I am in this journey!

(I may let my ego have a wee bit of cake today, too...!)

Shalom, Dena


Simply Marian said...

LOL! So much for taking a day off from blogging...


Darcy said...

Happy Birthday to you AND your ego! too funny!

I love you Dena!

MysticBrit said...

Hit that cake, you exhilarating person, you!

Happy Birthday!

Dena said...

Marian - yeah, well, y'know how it is...! But I didn't "compose" it! Doesn't count if I don't sweat and bleed over it...!

Darcy - Methinks I'm older than my ego. Pretty sure, in fact. But both of us got crab and Anna's made-from-scratch cake! And Micaela gave me a "Godspell" DVD!!! Mark has promised that I can have a romantic get-away weekend. I told him he could come. Then we all laughed...!

Harry - Cake is hit, and devoured. Life IS exhilerating, no?!?

MysticBrit said...

...And you, Dena, are what happens when Exhilaration takes physical form. I see God dancin' 'n' singin' 'n' laughin' in and through you.

Perichoresis Party Party!:D

Sue said...

LOL you're adorable Dena. Happy birthdya