Friday, October 9, 2009

The Way a Child Grows out of His Shoes

I didn't write this ... and I shall have to put aside my angst-and-envy at not having written it (because, really, I could have -- this is what I'm hearing, inside), long enough to share it with everyone I know.

Savor this ... let it enter you ... dare to breathe it in deeeeeeply...!

God said:

Youth and age are not so significant as you may think. Some youth are wise, and some aged ones lack wisdom. Nothing matters so much as you probably think it does.

Affairs of the world are only affairs of the world. They are stories playing themselves out.

Someone knows more than you about something. Someone else knows less than you about something. It is like this: All are on an equal footing.

Often you put your life on trial. Often it turns out a mistrial. In your eyes, it is a mistrial. In My eyes, it may be something else altogether. No maybe about it. You can be sure I see from a different perspective, which isn't to say, that you don't get any of it right. It's just that you are on a learning curve, beloveds. You are not always aware of what you learn. You may think it is something else altogether that you learn. You may think you have learned to not go that way again when it is possible that you are learning to go that way again with new energy and vision.

You may see parts and not the whole. Anyway, it doesn't matter, you don't have to see all there is to see. It's okay for you to see as you do see. It is your eyes you have to see through. You can't see through anyone else's until your eyes adjust to new light.

Soon enough you will see from a greater vantage, and soon enough you will see as I do see. The change will not be abrupt. It will be a gradual transition. It is not that one day you will say: "Wow, I am seeing in a whole new way! Wow, I am seeing as God does see. Wowee!"

It will be more like the gradual way that a child grows out of his shoes, and you present him with new ones. The child may not have known his shoes were getting too small for him. You gave him new ones before he would know that the old shoes didn't fit his feet right anymore.

The changes in your perception, beloveds, most likely will not be dramatic. The changes may even be unnoticeable. Great drama belongs on the stage and in books. You have had enough drama.

Regardless of drama or not, there is no way that you can stay the same. Noticed or unnoticed, you are growing and changing right and left.

Sometimes I am thunderstruck with your progress! Not really thunderstruck, beloveds. It's just that I use the word to emphasize that you are making progress, and how happy I am to see all your progress which is no surprise to Me at all.

Will you believe Me when I tell you that you are My dream coming true?

It is you, whoever may be reading this, that is My dream becoming true. And it is you, who may not be reading this, you, too, are My dream becoming true.

You realize, of course, that on Earth you are always becoming. You are moving up, as it were. You are always in process. You always progress.

As wonderful and as good as you are today, tomorrow you will be greater yet.

I know that there is a part of you that wants to be done growing. You want to have arrived. Well, there is that too, and yet you are in process. If you are an elastic band, you still have more stretching to go. That is not a bad thing, beloveds, that you have more room to fit into your shoes. Is it not a good thing that you have room to grow and are growing, growing, growing?

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Shalom, Dena

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