Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thinking Out-loud...

I'm mid-flux in so many ways ... having old-think replaced with new-thing, and, as is its penchant, old-think keeps sneaking up in my brain and shang-hai-ing my thinking, sucking me back into what I am shedding... this is indeed more of a process, than a sudden aha-moment of permanent change ... at least in my experience. Many of my awakenings occur in the brilliance of hindsight...!

So very many messengers *appear* to be in conflict, even as they sharing the same message. I think we're all taking stabs at it, articulating the inexplicable with feeble attempts with words ... and often, as is our human habit, often making an "absolute" out of something that makes sense to us, for now.

Perhaps truth is more both/and, than either/or? Perhaps apparent dichotomies and contradictions are just nuances of the same, larger-than-perceived Truth...?

I was thinking that even in declaring that I *have* an ego, that I'm back into duality ... I am Spirit, but I have an ego, and there's this implied struggle going on. Light vs. darkness. duality.

Perhaps ego is world-think, which comes AT me, rather than arising from within me...?

Perhaps it's only when I take that suggestion into me, and hold it, and accept it, that it takes on any power (but only in my mind, but within duality, my MIND is ALL)...?

I like the dotted line imagery ... above the dotted line all is singular - ONE. Below the dotted line is the world of physicality/duality, where we see things as either/or. I think the goal of life is to transcend the dotted line, to "invade heaven" (beyond the veil of the seen, into the unseen), and then BRING that heaven-consciousness back to "earth" ... to see all things as new, all things as God ... God being all in all ... bringing light into darkness, wholeness to the broken, life into death, truth to replace lies.

The physical world is not to be denied, dismissed, or despised ... it's to be treasured as a GIFT -- when we see it from God's perspective, it becomes MORE important, MORE precious, MORE valuable ... as we week first the Kingdom of God, ALL these other things (including the joys of physical life) shall be ADDED unto us ...

That's how I'm seeing it at this point ... more revelation to come!

Shalom, Dena

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MysticBrit said...

So many thoughts rise up in response to this, some of them barely within the bounds of language and some WAY above that dotted line.

Astrophysicists speak of The Singularity, the point of pure unimaginable energy at the instant of Creation where all that exists was contained at infinite density. Therein is God...

I'm coming to think of God as both Creator and Created, Initiater and Initiated. God is All In All, and we in all our variety express The One in an infinite number of unique ways.

Dichotomy and Contradiction are simply words we use to show we don't really Get It yet... now we know in part, then we shall know even as we are known. We'll fully re-member (get it together) and re-cognize (know that we know).

And All Shall Be Well, and all of us as Unique God-ings can play our part in bringing that about. But we do have to wake up to Who We Are.

Now... my mind feels like it's just gone six rounds with Tyson;)

Chill, dude...