Friday, September 17, 2010

About Fear ...

First, watch this (short, 2:20) video, by Gregg Braden.

I ask (myself and you): Do we have the courage to face, and overcome, our fears, and thus become prepared to live Here and Now, at this close of the age of Egocentricity, this Shift of the Ages, or will we allow the fear to keep us in a limited and limiting place ...of disempowerment ..?

Will we cooperate with being enslaved to our own conditioning, and thus miss why we came to be here at this time/space juncture? Or will we dare to risk all we think we know, in order to become and experience all of who we are...?

I ask myself ~ do I have to courage to do this...?

Here's more on fear (part four of a five-part video blog):

Shalom & Namaste ~


MysticBrit said...

May we all be free, Dena, and may we be well. We are all free and we are well, but our minds convince us otherwise, and we listen too much to our minds.

When I step back from my mind it all goes quiet, and I see what has allways been and allways will be; that I am well and I am free.

A fair journey, fellow traveller. Perchance we'll meet somewhere down the road:)

Lesa McMahon said...

This brings back memories of the time I spent being boxed-in by fear. I did a ton of meditating on a certain Bible verse and a ton of visualization that released me from all of that. I look back and don't recognize my former self and yet I can see it in other people. I always wish to be able to plant just one seed that will set them on their unique path to realizing that the chains that bind them are all self-actualized and that fear is nothing to be afraid of.

Love the videos. I think I'll end up posting them on VertPaix soon.