Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Messages on a Wednesday ...

Just sharing some messages that managed to find their way to me today ...

"To hear the calling of another's heart,
is to honor the calling of your own to join in love as one."

I believe this. I do. I just can't feel it right now.

"Become a student of change. It is the only thing that will remain constant."
~Anthony D'Angelo

I embrace and lean into change.

The more things around us change,
the more we realize that You/I alone are constant.
You/I are the source, strength and peace.
When the circumstances of our lives seem foreign,
we turn within and connect with Your/Our peaceful presence.
We embrace the process of change by opening our minds to the flow of divine ideas.
We trust that every change brings fresh opportunities for living the love that fills us.
I am grateful for wisdom, guidance and direction.

I so badly need this ... I need to move into this understanding ... I need clarity. I need peace, and relief ... what I know for sure is that I cannot go on like this.

I need some serious help -- not opinions, not "here's what worked for me," not diagnoses ... I need specific, personal, direct, resonating clarity.

I can only trust that I will be guided into it ...

Shalom, Dena


MysticBrit said...

The only reason we don't get clarity in any situation is because we're unable or unwilling to give up all agendas, all stories, from wherever they come. But only all of them. And especially our own.

This is very simple, but no-one pretends that it's easy. The pain recedes, by our own choice, as we see all the agendas and stories for what they are: conditioned responses of our minds, which we have mistaken for our true selves.

And then we're free indeed.

Namaste, great soul:)

Darcy said...

I like what you said there Harry!

Dena said...

I'm very willing to give up my own stories/agendas ... but I'm also learning to trust the guidance of my Bigger Self, which is one and the same with All That Is. THAT guidance has never ceased coming to me, and permeates even my own story/agenda ... often even overlapping. And so, I trust THAT. I do not throw away what I've previously seen/known/believed, when I asked for, and believe I received, that Guidance.

I trust that True Self has not left me high and dry ... and that I can trust that I'm continuously led.

The pain is receding, as I see the bigger/deeper picture -- which, I am finding, does not negate what I've experienced. It simply enlargens and reframes it.

Lesa McMahon said...

but only *you* have the answers.