Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Awakening Code ...

Stumbled upon this ... and it so moved me ... it's stirring all manner of things in me. PLEASE watch this ... and pay attention to whatever gets stirred up in you.

Be open. Receive what you can. Put aside what you cannot yet receive. Ask to be prepared ... ask to be shown who you really are ... why you are really here, at this place, in this time ... it's not a random accident.

(& no, it's not really about Oprah ...!)

Shalom & Namaste ~

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MysticBrit said...

'Tis all True. All That Is is waking up in, through, as us, and nothing will be the same. Humanity is being born again, through great labour pains. A new earth is appearing, and great will be the rejoicing, as Love Sings and Dances.

Party Party!:)