Saturday, September 18, 2010

Energy Healing/Psychology

I had an amazing experience today, meeting with a renowned energy psychologist, named Mary Hammond ... quite a remarkable woman! She's a pioneer in the field of energy psychology ... and she lives in Salem, Oregon ... just a 30 minute drive from where I am! But, of course...!

She's written this book, "Living Your Soul's Purpose: Wellness and Passion with Energy Psychology", which is used for training by many in the energy field. Her healing approach, developed with two other psychologists, is Dynamic Energetic Healing. She travels the world, teaching this, showing others how to use this to heal the hearts/minds/souls of other hurting/limited human beings. The goal being our fully operational wholeness -- to KNOW who we are, and why we are here -- and to live that out, in full confidence and joy!

I shouldn't be at ALL surprised that it answers the very questions I now find myself facing, and needing to answer within myself:

Why am I here?
Who am I to be with?
What is my ideal career?
How am I to take care of myself?
Why was I born into my family?
How am I to serve my community and the world?

Take a look at her website, to see all that she offers, for training. I KNOW that I'm meant to be trained for this ... I KNOW that this is part of why I'm here, at this time, in this place ... for a bigger purpose which I've only tasted on the edges ..!

After hearing a bit of my story, she looked me square in the eye, and said, "you have been through more foundational change in the past five years, than most folks make in an entire lifetime! I am honored to meet you ... I am excited to see what your purpose here, at this time, turns out to be. But, for the next week, do NOTHING. Just breathe and BE. No changes!"

OK then ... breathe and be, breathe and be, breathe and be ...

So, on the one hand, there is this broken heart ... and on the other hand, there is this growing excitement ... and something tells me that they will both occupy space within me, for some time to come ...

Clarity is assured ... as is Love.

WHAT that looks like, and HOW it manifests ... well, we shall see ...!

Shalom & Namaste ~

[and this was far more exciting than being carded at the liquor store today ... but you'll have to read about that adventure on my Facebook page...!]


MysticBrit said...

Just breathe and Be is excellent advice to all sentient Beings at all times. It's a great habit:)

The mind just loves lots of interesting questions, and will keep asking them. It's not always as keen on the answers though;)

Clarity will be yours, Dena.

Lesa McMahon said...

i agree that it's excellent advice. i spend much of my time just BEing. i am seeing more and more just how damaging it can be to be out-of-touch with BEing. i have a dear friend who is ALWAYS doing and going. ALWAYS! even when she's not actually mobile, her mind is! it is expressing itself as physical problems right now and i'm very concerned for her.

anywho... that's a bit OT.

i added the book to my "to-read" list on Goodreads. hopefully my library system will have it.