Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ahem ....!

OK, so I know I just got started on unpacking a book ... a 33-day/step-book at that. But ... I have also, beginning today, just launched myself into a journey ... basically a sort of "spiritual boot-camp" ... something I VERY much need to do, for me, for now, for here ... for life and beyond.

I don't mean to sound either mysterious or cryptic, but ... I do need to keep this adventure a bit personal. This is vital ... something I MUST do for ME. It's gonna be intense ... and I'm eager for this experience to take me deep ... to undo what needs to be undone ... to reveal what IS.

I won't be reading anything of a spiritual (or psychological) nature for a while ... part of a necessary process of keeping things purely focused. However, I imagine that I'll find something to blog about ... something to share, as I go.

Meanwhile ... I received this lovely message, appropriately enough, on my 49th birthday:

Dear Fantastic Girl,

Wrinkles are beautiful and curves are lovely and getting older is a graceful and gorgeous part of life.

Don't believe it? Look around at the women you admire and love. Look at the wise ones and the powerfully loving ones and the ones full of incredible experiences and beautifully humble stories. Look at the lines on their eyes that come from years of smiling through joys and squinting at the sky through sorrows. Look at the authentic woman-ness of their being. Look at their noble and simple authenticity....wrinkles, age spots, curves and all.

Please embrace every part of the aging process, incredible friend. Don't be afraid of growing older. When we obsess over capturing and holding on to youth eternally, we miss out on our turn to be the lovely wise one with all of the experiences to share. We need to give an example to the brave girls who come after us that life is more than the looks of youth and the fear of getting and looking older. We can age with beauty, grace, dignity and pride......and shine as the most beautiful and brightest light in the room, no matter our age or size.

Flaunt that loveliness, dearest. You are gorgeous and radiant and unforgettable.

Thanks for bringing so much authentic beauty into the world.


Shalom & Namaste ~

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MysticBrit said...

Ahem... Looks like I was a bit late with my Birth Day Thingies. Grovels in dust and eats worms in penance:)

It's your blog, and you write what you want to, to paraphrase the song...

I'd also like to echo the remarks of the writer. When we come to see how innately Love-ful we are, and that everyone - everything - springs from the same Source, Life just Works.

It's What Is:)