Thursday, October 7, 2010

Listen to the "Right" Voices ...

Got another lovely message in my in-box today ... sounds like somebody loves me...!

Dear Lovely Girl,

It is so important to listen to the right voices. Many times, we must tune out almost every voice around us to be able to focus on what is true for our own lives.

Please don't give any heed at all to the useless opinions of others, beautiful friend. Act for yourself. Face your own truths...then act on your own truths.

Turn off the confusing lies, tune them out...plug your ears when there are annoying, loud, negative voices that have no business giving you opinions about your own life.

You know SO much more than you think you know. Your inner compass will guide you. Those feelings in your gut are your deepest wisdom. Be brave and tune out all of the voices, except the voices that are speaking your truth.

You are courageous and amazing....and oh so loved.


Basking and soaking in THAT one ...! :)

Shalom & Namaste,

P.S. Yeah, all y'all can borrow it ... if you're a man, just apply it to your inner-anima (feminine side) ... or squint, or alter the words ...! Don't miss the message!


MysticBrit said...

Voices of any sort can lie. Letting any 'voice' tell me what is true doesn't work, 'cos all 'voices' come from the mind. I am neither more terrible nor more magnificent than anyone else. I just Am. And that's the glory of it, for there ain't nothin' better'n existin', 'n' it takes no effort:)

The heart knows all, but the mind just thinks. There is allways more love directed at us than we have the slightest idea of, 'cos we want to define love. But Love is All That Is:)

Rock on, Dena.

Dena said...

The Voice of the Heart is the one I'm talking about here ...

And we each must take our own experiential journey to discover how to hear it ... and then to come to know it, so that we can trust it, and heed it.

No one can tell another how to do this ... each one starts where they are. To emulate another would be just to follow another external voice ...

But we can indeed encourage ...

MysticBrit said...

I'd go along with that, Dena. That Voice comes from the One Heart expressing Itself differently, with a unique flavour, through Everything, but consciously through each human being. If we habitually encourage that Uniqueness in each other, that is all that's necessary. And it's such fun too:)