Monday, October 11, 2010

Project Knowing Infinite Self: Step One

So here we are ... on the first step, on the first day, of a 33-day exploration of discovering the Infinite Self ...!


We're going to plunge right in with the very most important concept to grasp (are you ready?!?): "I am God."

Ok, not that I, Dena, in and of myself, are God. Really, I'm not trying to start a new religion, or gather disciples, inspire worship, nor inflate my ego (honestly, I do not look good in funny hats).

But, before we go any further, it's imperative that we accept the notion of the God Force, the very nature/essence/energy of God is within us ... comprises us ... IS us.

God is in us, as us.

Most folks either discount the notion of God, or else externalize God -- as a separate being out there, somewhere. Once we internalize this reality, this force, this energy, then it's no longer a vague concept, but an actuality ... we can begin to feel this very energy. And it can (& will) transform us.

Here's what Stu has to say:
There is a guided method to this journey of ours; it's not as haphazard as most think. I believe that the infinite you, that higher energy dwelling inside your being, had a vision of what it was going to be getting into in this lifetime. I don't believe that you came here by accident - that you suddenly plopped into a little diaper and thought, What the hell am I doing here? I believe that your evolution here on the earth plane is so powerful, so sacred, so spiritually dynamic and special, that the infinity within you had an overview... the infinity within you had a perception prior to your birth.

So, our first step is to embrace/accept the concept of I am God.

This is not as egotistical as it may first appear ... so hold on. Stay with me. This is not about showing off, or worshipping our egos. This is the humble realization and acceptance that the God Force is all there is ... that everything and everyone is imbued with sacredness ... with divine energy ... that there is nothing else BUT this divine energy, comprising all things.

Honestly, it would be a wee bit egotistical to insist that you are exempt from this equation ... that you are somehow "other."

Sure, internalization of the God Force can feel awkward -- for those who have no concept of God, and for those taught to project God "out there/separate". But, if you happen to have a concept of God outside of yourself, then just choose to mentally bring God home -- back into you. It's not that God ever "left" ... or was elsewhere. It's just that you need to perceive what IS.

The next thing to do, once we've internalized God, is to respect our current evolution. Meaning: accept where you now find yourself. (I know, I know ... very tough to do when your life-circumstances are less than you desire them to be ... I know!). When we fight against, or complain about, our circumstances ... not only is it a waste of energy, and disrespectful to the spiritual self, but it actually creates *more of the same* ... for what we resist persists ... and what we focus on, we attract.

So, the effective/cooperative thing to do is to accept what is ... bearing in mind (paradoxically, it seems) that almost anything can be improved, and that things do change -- this is not a static universe -- and that we are co-creators.

Try saying this to yourself (& yeah, fake it if you have to, at first):
The infinity inside me -- that part of me that is God -- loves and respects this human evolution of mine. It loves and respects where I find myself and my current circumstances, so I will do the same -- even though the circumstances of my life right now may be less than best. All these things are a part of my evolution. I can transcend them and go beyond them.

The trick is to step back from the ego's perspective (usually of lack, fear, separation), and to instead choose to see life from a more infinite view -- it's detachment. Not detachment from life, but detachment from the ego's view of life. In this very simple-yet-courageous choice of acceptance, we begin an instantaneous healing process.

(collective sigh of relief ...)

Circumstances that we find ourselves in are neither good nor bad -- they just ARE. It's part of our evolution, our soul's purpose ... our learning experience, our challenge ... it's what we signed up for, folks (& also what we have attracted to ourselves) ..! :)

Back to Stu:
The concept of I Am God says, "I am eternal. I am beyond the definitions of the ego. I am beyond death. So, therefore, I will gradually go beyond fear. Fear is a disease of the ego. Negative energy and what we consider unpleasant experiences are just contradictions of the ego's opinion."

There is a great spiritual maturity in accepting where we are, who we are, what we are.

And ... we also have to accept that it is WE who create the major part of what we experience as reality ... (as well as part of our destiny). We are here to be co-creators ... and we are doing so all the time ... with our beliefs (known or unknown), our thoughts, and our emotions ... (POWERful sources of energy!) ... we do so either unconsciously or consciously -- our choice.

I want to continue on this path of discovery ... I want to discover what's unconsciously in the way of me being, and experiencing, my Infinite Self ... onward!

Shalom & Namaste ~


Eruesso said...

I've found that The book: On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are by Alan Watts to be an incredible guide into understanding the Taboo that "I am God". His talks are also amazingly simple to understand and incredibly inspiring. I presume you are familiar with his works, but if not you should definitely check him out.

Peace and Blessings

MysticBrit said...

As soon as we see that the ego has usurped the place of the True Self, and that the True Self is Who We Are, there's no stopping whatever healing is necessary. In fact, the healing comes instantaneously, but just takes a while to work through all the surface gunk.

Mighty stuff.

Dena said...

Thanks, Eruesso! I am familiar with Alan Watts ... and I'll check out that book. I like folks who take this vast and nebulous dimension, and bring it "down to earth" for those of us who are still somewhat earth-bound ...! :)

Simple is good...!

And Harry -- I'm all for that instantaneous healing ... even if it's been 48.9 years in the making!

Lauren said...

Yes, we're pursuing the Ego Death -- which Christians have called the Death of the Sinful Nature. Christ (the Godhead) must fully come to life within us for us to be whole and complete!

Laren said...

Sometimes, just accepting that I am not able to accept "what is", is a good place to be.

Dena said...

Laren said: Sometimes, just accepting that I am not able to accept "what is", is a good place to be.

Laren ... thank you. I needed that.

MysticBrit said...

Laren - that's true self-acceptance, I'd say.

Dena - if you go to you can download a pdf of that book for just a few dollars. But then you probably want a 'real' book;)

Don't sweat any of this, as the mind wants to play with it. Let it be, let truth rise up in you, as you. It's a very simple, utterly beautiful thing. And the weird thing is that, when you 'get it' there's no 'you' to 'get it'. The ego's resumed its proper, healthy role of giving us our sense of individuality, rather than ruling every aspect of our lives. It comes and goes, this 'get-it-ness', but it's allways there in the background.

Dena said...

Ah, but then Harry ... would there be any reason to blog ..?!? ;)

Gotta be where I am, as I am ... 'til I'm not.

MysticBrit said...

Indeed, Dena. I blog, therefore I am. Until I'm not;)

Everybody's godda be somewhere:)