Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Project Knowing Infinite Self ~ Step Two

So, did we all survive step one, knowing that we are God ...? Or are you exhausted by trying to keep the universe intact for the past 24 hours ...? ;)


(Just let go ...)

Here we are at step two ... which is: expanding your awareness.

As you look around the planet, you notice that it's populated by all manner of people ... and most of them, while certainly seeming to be alive and awake, are actually in a surreal state between asleep and comatose.

Admittedly, our awareness of our surroundings begins with the five senses (sight/hearing/taste/smell/touch). We've got to start somewhere. But there is also a level of awareness that's more *inner* ... we have those same senses, on the inside. An extra-sensory perception.

It's in the realm of the intuition -- yeah, that very aspect of ourselves that western, highly-rationalized intellectualism seeks to discount ... if not trash.

It's the feminine aspect of ourselves ... and you know what this masculine-driven culture has done to the feminine ... perhaps become aware that your own masculine-driven intellect seeks to do the same to your own inner feminine intuition ... what you see on the outside, is just the metaphor (and the result of) what's going on on the inside ...

Linking to the concept we got yesterday, once we've internalized the God Force reality, and we realize/accept that we're part of the infinite energy that is all t hings -- we come to see that we are connected to all things. We're all part of the hologram of All That Is. Inter-connected. The illusion that we are separate is a perspective created by our finite egos ... but it's not ultimate reality. We see a 3-D world, but we really exist in a multi-dimensional universe.

This God Force exists in everything -- it IS everything. And everything, from rocks, to trees, to animals, to humans, emits a feeling.

Speak to us Stu:
You're not so much what you think, but what you feel. Realizing that everything is a feeling, you can begin to place your awareness into things, to discover how they feel... you understand that you can push your consciousness into everything and figure out how it feels. The system is not foolproof -- sometimes your subtle perceptions get cluttered with your logic -- but the more you use the muscle of your subtle perception, the more acute and sensitive it becomes... you are a magnet for energy as well as a projector of energy ... Most don't consider their thinking or their inner dialogue to be of great consequence ... but external reality instantly changes to reflect not only what you are saying and doing, but what you are thinking and feeling, silently within.

We are co-creators of our life experience ... whether consciously or unconsciously.

Consider the impact of your silent thoughts. What emotions do they create within you? When those thoughts are projected out into daily life, what effect are they having on what you see or on how life comes to you? Are those inner thoughts and feelings collapsing and destroying your life, or are they sustaining and building things up?

Next, be aware of your dialogue. Most are not really aware of how self-destructive their dialogue is. They don't see how negativity is changing their external reality to fit their mind-set and thus destroying the quality of their life. Listen to your dialogue and watch your thoughts. See how much of it is bitching and moaning and expressing weakness, and how much of it has the God Force within it, expressing hope, gratitude, love and well-being. Negativity kills you, never forget that. It's a week that eventually chokes you to death.

If you believe in disease, you will imbalance the emotions affecting your overall feeling and hasten disease within you. If you believe in lack, opportunities pass you by, money falls from your wallet, someone steals your car. Earnest Holmes said, "where your mind goes, your energy flows."

If someone asks you how you feel, don't answer, "Horrible, grim, life's a nightmare." Instead, answer "Fantastic!" It doesn't matter if your life isn't fantastic; that's only the ego's viewpoint. Spiritually, your life is fantastic. it's a great privilege to be here. I think it's important to remind yourself of that constantly.

Taking that in ... yes, I know this. Yes, I've forgotten this. Yes, I've been wallowing in negativity. Yes, I need this reminder.

Now, I NEED to be reminded of this:
When the mind offers you a negative thought say to yourself, "I don't accept that negative energy. I don't accept fear. I am love. I am positivity. Everything flows through me. Everything comes to me for my highest good.

As well as policing your thoughts and dialogue, you will want to keep an eye on the quality of your associations and actions. Stay away from people who discriminate and deprecate, or those who are involved in destructive or degrading actions. You don't need to judge them, but you don't have to be involved either.

Settle your debts, follow through on your choices, and treat people fairly.

Try this: Ask the God Force to show you something in the next 24 hours, something you have never seen before -- a perception, an intuition, a different way of looking at things that you've never seen a hundred times before.

Then watch carefully.

I feel the need to just quietly take this in ... to let myself be reminded that I am love -- that there is no place for fear in me. That love absorbs all fear ... just as light absorbs all darkness ... that I, and I alone, am responsible for my thoughts, for my feelings ... for my life.

Shalom & Namaste ~

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MysticBrit said...

I am Love expressing Love through Love. The infinite compassion of All That Is, dancing, playing, being. Between the Stillness and the Dancing...