Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Disturbing or Disturbed ...

*"I believe that the individual of the future, like the individual today, faces the lonely task of transforming herself with or without the agreement and understanding of those around her. She needs only to know transforming herself means coming up against internalized cultural edges (beliefs that are not hers in origin). If this is to occur, she will have to disturb the status quo of the world around her as well."*
- Arnold Mindell

I've lived this all my life ... even while *trying* (desperately!) to fit in.

I'm living this now ... as my life-choices have demonstrated.

AND, I'm seeking profound clarity, with everything in me, with single-minded focus ... in order to know how to navigate my life ... trusting, that as I clear away the things that are "not me" -- (those false core beliefs that I've accumulated, and even carried for a lifetime) -- the truth of Who I Really Am, and Why I Am Here ... and my soul's purpose, will be astonishingly revealed, and that I will have the courage to live it out ... here and now ... regardless of (dis)agreement and/or (mis)understanding that may arise.

I'd rather be aligned/fulfilled and disturbing ... than to be compliant/unfulfilled and disturbed.

Shalom & Namaste ~

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MysticBrit said...

The purpose of Life is Life. Rest easy, my friend, 'cos it's not about Striving but Being. Step back, set awhile, let your saddle cool. Really:)